Mashery DX Certified APIs

What is a Mashery DX Certified API?

A Mashery DX Certified API is an API that has gone through Mashery’s 8-week API Certification usability audit and implemented the majority of our recommendations on improving their DX (developer experience).

What is DX (Developer Experience)?

UX (User Experience) refers to a website experience that is simple and delightful for the end user. We define Developer Experience similarly, but are referring to developer experiences integrating with an API, from the front-end, portal and key retrieval experience, down to back-end data integration.

Why is Mashery qualified to audit DX?

Our Mashery Developer Outreach team is comprised of seasoned developers that participate in and give onsite technical support at 60+ developer events a year. They’ve helped developers integrate with hundreds of APIs at these events. Our evangelists have felt the pain first-hand of developers struggling with unsupported APIs, as well as the joy of integrating with a well-supported API. The feedback they've gathered from hundreds of developers who have built successful applications on API platforms makes them uniquely positioned to leverage this experience when auditing the usability of APIs.

What do we look for when auditing the Developer Experience of an API?

During an 8-week iterative process, we work with API stakeholders to identify opportunities to optimize Mashery APIs from a developer’s perspective, in the following areas:

  • Standards: API design and nomenclature are easiest to navigate when they remain consistent. Our audit catches resource and method inconsistencies to work toward a solid uniform design.
  • Security: APIs sometimes have security holes that are overlooked by internal teams. Our audit helps to ensure that data that is intended to be private or isolated remains secure.
  • I/O Docs optimization: We make recommendations to ensure Mashery’s interactive documentation (I/O Docs) are implemented to be as easy as possible to test calls and sample API resource data.
  • API Portal Experience: Not being able to simply and easily retrieve an API key and make API calls is frustrating for developers who want to build. We optimize API portals down to the CSS to ensure developers can get up and running in 5 minutes or less.