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Battle Hack Chicago
28TH-29TH JUNE 2014
Become the Ultimate Hacker For Good
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Busy Kid
Winner of the (4) Novation Launchpad Mini USB Midi Controller:
Launchpad Mini is the compact version of the celebrated Novation Launchpad performance controller. Designed for the iPad generation, Launchpad Mini features 64 three-color launch pads that let you play loops, sounds, effects and more to produce and perform music immediately with your iPad, PC or Mac.
App designed to help fund Chicago cleanup, after school programs, and emphasize the importance of community service.
APIs used:
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CSS, HTML, JavaScript
Honorable Mention
Allows users to checkout for meals. Their bill gets rounded up and the change goes into a pot. Users then can win a meal from the pot on next checkout.
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Cheston Contaoi