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Apr 13
This weekend I got to attend a very special event at my Alma Mater: UMASS, Amherst's own HackUMASS! In it's second year, HackUMASS scaled up its efforts massively, growing from 100 students to 500 students including a heap of east coast sponsors.
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Apr 09
LA Hacks returned to UCLA last weekend. 1400 developers from the UC and Cal Poly universities, nearby state and city colleges, and out of state schools made the journey to Pauly Pavilion and competed in this 36-hour collegiate hackathon. Intel's ...
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Apr 06
Hack Holyoke is a unique hackathon held at Mt. Holyoke College (a small, women's private college located in Western MA) which aims to achieve an (unprecedented) 1:1 ratio of women:men hackers. The purpose? Fix the leaky pipeline for women entering ...
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Apr 01
Hackster's "Hack to the Future" Hardware Weekend took place in Phoenix, Arizona last weekend at Local Motors. Participants gathered at this car factory for a two-day hardware hackathon. Intel's Steven Xing and I attended as Intel mentors and ...
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