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Jul 24
The 24 hour Hack Midwest hackathon took place last weekend in Kansas City at Johnson County Community College. Developers mainly from Kansas and Missouri gathered at the school’s gym and stationed their workspace on its basketball floor surrounded ...
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Jul 17
Last weekend (July 12th - 13th), Seattle Wearables Hackathon drew around 100 hackers, designers, developers and business people to the WeWork co-working space in the South Lake Union district of Seattle to hack together "The Next Big Thing" in ...
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Jul 15
ToorCamp is a unique hacker camping event which occurs every other year in remote Neah Bay, Washington. As a developer evangelist, ToorCamp interested me because 1,000 or so hackers, makers, engineers and software types make the trip and I wanted to ...
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Jul 03
Developers gathered at the 1871 co-working space in Chicago last weekend for PayPal BattleHack. This two day hackathon encouraged contestants to build apps helping the community.
20TH-24TH JULY 2014
O'Reilly Open Source Convention

19TH-20TH JULY 2014
Kansas City
Create Your Future

12TH-13TH JULY 2014

11TH-13TH JULY 2014

9TH-13TH JULY 2014
Neah Bay

28TH-29TH JUNE 2014
Become the Ultimate Hacker For Good

25TH JUNE 2014

25TH-26TH JUNE 2014
San Francisco

17TH JUNE 2014

13TH-14TH JUNE 2014

7TH-8TH JUNE 2014

7TH-8TH JUNE 2014
San Francisco
A Contest to Invent the TV of Tomorrow

31ST-1ST JUNE 2014

31ST-1ST JUNE 2014
Los Angeles

27TH-29TH MAY 2014
San Francisco
A 3-day interactive conference for app developers, existing public API providers, and those currently developing an API strategy.

21ST-22ND MAY 2014
The technical event for developers

21ST-22ND MAY 2014
San Francisco
Software / Hardware / Everywhere