We love to get honest, direct feedback from developers at hackathons, tech meetups and other developer gatherings. Want to know where Mashery will be next? Here's where we're planning to be in the coming months.

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20TH-24TH JULY 2015
O'Reilly Open Source Convention

23RD-25TH JUNE 2015
San Francisco
Software / Hardware / Everywhere

1ST-4TH JUNE 2015
Las Vegas
Future Insights: bringing you the future, today! Future Insights Live is THE event for web designers, developers, project managers, creative directors and entrepreneurs who want to be on top of their game and engage in pushing the web forward.

23RD-24TH MAY 2015

16TH-17TH MAY 2015
San Mateo
The Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth

11TH-13TH MAY 2015
New York
Robotics solutions for improving the way people work, learn, and live

9TH-10TH MAY 2015

8TH-10TH MAY 2015

18TH-19TH APRIL 2015
New York

11TH-12TH APRIL 2015

11TH-12TH APRIL 2015
New York

3RD APRIL 2015
South Hadley

3RD-5TH APRIL 2015
Los Angeles
The Hackathon of the West Coast

28TH-29TH MARCH 2015

27TH-29TH MARCH 2015
East Lansing

26TH-27TH MARCH 2015

24TH-26TH MARCH 2015
Santa Monica