TIBCO Mashery API Developer Blog

New Feature: Changing Application and Key Owners

As you work with external developer partners or internal employees, sometimes those people using your APIs leave their jobs, their projects or otherwise no longer have the need to have their Mashery developer account associated with the applications, and associated API keys, that they originally created and worked to build.  In these situations, where you might want to transfer control and management of these "orphaned" or "abanonded" applications, Mashery now supports changing the owner, or related developer/user, for applications and their corresponding API keys.  It is a simple process by which the authorized administrator can edit the application with the Mashery administration console and pick the new developer/user; an example screenshot is shown below.  Once the switch has been made, the old owner of the application, e.g. that person who just transferred departments and as such is no longer available to work on the application, can no longer see that application, its API keys and associated reporting data from within the My Account area in your Mashery-powered Developer Portal.  This function is also available in the Mashery V2 API through the application.update and key.update methods.