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API Documentation Portal

Welcome to the Mashery API Documentation Portal!

The portal includes documentation for various versions of the Mashery API, tips and tricks, feature how-to's, API proxy service options, and more. Each page of our documentation offers a commenting feature that you can use to share your thoughts and suggestions about our documentation. We welcome the chance to collaborate with you on our technical documentation! You should check this site frequently for updates as we are actively adding content to it.

The Mashery API Documentation Portal offers the following documentation:

Documentation Description
Mashery API Documentation

Explains Mashery API versioning, and contains the following Mashery API Guides:

  • Mashery 3.0 API Guide - Describes how to use the Mashery 3.0 API. Includes examples, information about the authentication, and the Mashery 3.0 API calls.
  • Mashery 2.0 API Guide - Describes how to use the Mashery 2.0 API. Includes examples, information about the API sandbox, JSON RPC, authentication, integrating OAuth, and the Mashery 2.0 API calls.

Also check out the IO Docs for the 3.0 and 2.0 APIs!

Mashery Reporting Event Post API Guide The Reporting Event Post API allows other web-services tools to post event log data into Mashery’s reporting and analytics engine.
Tips and Tricks

Contains tips and tricks on such subjects as:

  • Configuring Email Notifications
  • Customizing Terms of Use
  • Using the OAuth Signature Validation Tool

Customizing Your Portal

Provides guidance on customizing your portal, such as:

  • Markdown Cheat Sheet
  • Installing a Portal Search Feature
API Proxy Service

Provides documentation about our API Proxy Service, namely:

  • Security Options
  • Call Caching
  • Call Limiting

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