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Mashery provides the following methods to support the OAuth 2.0 functionality:

  • fetchApplication - Verifies that client has a valid identifier and fetches the application data (e.g., name) for a client requesting access to user resource.
  • createAuthorizationCode - Creates authorization code that can be subsequently used to obtain an access token. Used in Authorization Code flow.
  • createAccessToken - Creates access token for the flow indicated by response and grant type. Individual parameters are validated based on the indicated flow.
  • fetchAccessToken - Fetches the specified access token and data associated with the token or returns that it is invalid.
  • fetchUserApplications - Fetches the applications with access tokens for the given user.
  • revokeAccessToken - Revokes the access token.
  • revokeUserApplication - Revokes all tokens for the application for the specified user.
  • updateAccessToken - Updates access token based on individual parameters specified.

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