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IO-Docs Tricks

You can style an IO-Docs method differently when it's expanded than when it's collapsed. To make it work, you need to use a [JavaScript Event Hook](/docs/read/your_portal/layout_and_design/Event_Hooks) to add a class to the expanded or collapsed method, and some CSS to change the style. **JavaScript** ```js // Add active class to method document.addEventListener('portalIODocsShowMethod', function (event) { event.target.closest('.method').classList.add('method-active'); }, false); // Remove active class from method document.addEventListener('portalIODocsHideMethod', function (event) { event.target.closest('.method').classList.remove('method-active'); }, false); ``` **CSS** ```css .method { /* Base styles */ } .method.method-active { /* Modified styles */ } ```

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