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Delete a specific developer class or list of developer classes  Please see Deleting Objects for an overview of how the update method works.


developer_class id

An integer representing the unique id of the application to delete. You may also pass a json object with a field of id to identify the developer_class you wish to delete.


Delete returns null on success.


A Sample JSON-RPC developer_class.delete Request


The JSON-RPC Response


Permissions Required

The user who owns the key used to authenticate the developer_class.delete call must be a member of one of the following roles

  • Administrator
  • Program Manager
  • Community Manager

See authentication.


In addition to the standard json-rpc errors and authentication errors, application.fetch may also return these errors:

HTTP Status Code JSON-RPC Code Error Message Description
500 2003 Delete Failed The object could not be deleted.  This is the error message of last resort for object deletions and usually indicates a systems integration failure, invalid internal data, or a transient issue.  These errors are logged by Mashery.

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