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Version 4.2


If you choose to allow only Mashery Proxied traffic through to your servers we recommend an IP whitelist as a simple solution.  The following list contains the Mashery Traffic Manager IP addresses for all regions  as well as monitoring IP addresses/Regions that Mashery uses to monitor your Direct API.

If IP whitelisting will be enforced on the API backend, please whitelist the IP addresses for the Traffic Manager and selected regions for the monitoring service.  The whitelist information is subject to change. When such changes occur, Mashery Support will notify and work with you to get your whitelist updated. Previous versions of the IP List can be found at http://support.mashery.com/docs/proxy_information/Archived_IP_Whitlisting_Information/.

IP Whitelist Version 4.2 (6/17/2013)

Notes: No updates to core Traffic manager IP addresses. Updates specific to IP monitoring hosts noted below.  Discontinued Hong Kong and Australian IPs have also been removed.

Traffic Manager IPs:

Premium Platform IPs (NOTE: network blocks) Atlanta Atlanta Los Angeles

Enterprise Platform IPs (US-East)

Enterprise Platform IPs (US-West)

Enterprise Platform IPs (Europe)

Enterprise Platform IPs (Australia)

Enterprise Platform IPs (Singapore)

Monitoring Server regions (please whitelist all IPs within a selected region):

North America

South/Central America (added 6/17/13) (added 6/17/13)



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