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Unique System Fully Qualified Domain Names

Resource URI


Items in curly braces represent variables.


Collection of unique System fully qualified domain names.

Resource Schema

Property Characteristics
address Type string
Create Rule Ignored
Update Rule Ignored
Fetch Rule Implicit
Description Fully qualified domain name.

fetch [GET]

Retrieves collection of all System Domains belonging to the given Area


Parameter Required Type Description
domainPrefix true object domainPrefix that matches the retrieved Public Domain Endpoint domain
fields false string Comma-separated list of property paths to include in response. Each property path is a dot-separated list of object property names. fields=<property\[.property...\]>\[,...\]\[&fields=...\]
filter false string Colon-separated name/value pair specifying the name of property whose value must contain the given value (as a substring). Results may also be filtered by nested collections' properties by specifying a dot-separated property path. filter=<property\[.property...\]>:<value>\[&filter=...\]
sort false string Comma-separated list of properties to sort by. Only root-level properties are supported. Each property name may be optionally followed by :asc or :desc to specify sort direction (defaults to asc). sort=<property\[:(asc\|desc)\]>\[,...\]\[&sort=...\]
limit false int Number of objects to return in the result. Defaults to 100.
offset false int 0-based index of first object in the list to return. Defaults to 0.
indent false boolean When set to true, responses are indented for better readability.



Array of System Domains for the Area If fields request parameter is not included, only those fields with "Fetch Rule" equal to "Implicit" will be returned. Otherwise, the fields contained in the URL parameter will be included in the response.


Array of validation responses



curl -k 'https://api.mashery.com/v3/rest/domains/system/hostnames' -H "Authorization: Bearer <insert your token here>" -H "Content-Type:application/json" 


        "address": "nisl duis ac nibh"


curl -k 'https://api.mashery.com/v3/rest/domains/system/hostnames' -H "Authorization: Bearer <insert your token here>" -H "Content-Type:application/json" 


        "address": "lobortis ligula sit"

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