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New Feature: I/O Docs support for POST body

The Mashery-supported, integrated I/O Docs capability now supports POST requests that have POST body data, as well as passing in data via the headers and parameters.  With I/O Docs, customers can present interactive documentation that makes it easier and faster to learn about their APIs.  With this most recent update, customers, who have POST methods that need to support data being passed in via the request message body, can use I/O Docs to document these particular parts of their API.

I/O Docs is configured via the Mashery administration console, in the I/O Docs section of Portal Settings.  If you need help setting up I/O Docs, please contact support@mashery.com.

Example Configuration


   "name":"acme daily deal api definition",
   "title":"Acme Daily Deal API",
   "description":"This Daily Deal API is used to find the most current daily deals.",
           "Review Daily Deal":{
               "description":"Submit a review on the the most current Daily Deal.",
                      "review": {
                        "required": "true",
                        "default": "",
                        "type": "textarea",
                        "description": "This is an HTTP POST method and supports sending data across in the post body.",
                        "location": "body"


Example result in I/O Docs Application