TIBCO Cloud Mashery API Developer Blog

TIBCO Mashery Local 5.2 is GA

We are very pleased to announce that TIBCO Mashery Local 5.2.0 is now generally available! 

Standout features
  • The Mashery Local Developer Portal - 100% on-premises and homegrown.
    • Untethered users can now run the developer portal within their infrastructure without any external dependencies
    • Reinforces TIBCO's cloud-native, anywhere and everywhere strategy to empower untethered customers with the tooling needed to support API cataloging/discovery, interaction & testing, and API consumer onboarding

  • Mashery Local Logs within TIBCO Spotfire
    • We've introduced a new and easy to follow process which will help customers to view and analyze their Mashery Local logs within TIBCO Spotfire
    • With up-to-date data from Mashery Local, Spotfire can assist with deriving deeper and additional business insights along with customized reporting
 Additional highlights in this release
  • A new quickstart guide for getting Mashery Local up and running with one command
  • Push Mashery Local to your cloud registry directly from the TML Installer, including newly introduced support for using AWS Federated accounts
  • Verified platform support for AWS' EKS, PKS, and Docker Enterprise, and generated updated deployment scripts accordingly
  • An updated Mashery Local Configuration Manager - Streamlined integration leveraging the Mashery Local API, with an improved UI and UX. This deployment option is no longer mutually exclusive from the Untethered_API mode for those administrators who choose to use the UI and the API for platform access
  • Fine-grained controls allowing for a proxy bypass on target services
  • New option to build the TML cluster with support for the Oauth2 JWT adaptor directly from within the TML installer
  • Improved SDK documentation, example/starter adapters, and an improved packaging process

The product is available immediately for download on edelivery.tibco.com