TIBCO Cloud Mashery API Developer Blog

Updated Feature: Import Swagger specification

TIBCO Mashery is ever evolving, and we have complemented the way in which Mashery will help you in setting up your swagger defined API's. In our latest release, we extended the wizard that allowed you to upload a Swagger specification, by ensuring that your interactive test documentation is setup in accordance with the uploaded swagger spec and the wizard will now also allow you to create a package and plan that you can directly use to have developers access your newly uploaded API.

After succesfully creating your API, the screen is now updated as per the figure below, the interactive test documentation (IODoc) is automatically created and the schemas and samples from the swagger spec are used to reflect the same information on the developer portal!

Updated swagger import flow


Furthermore, to ensure you can right away use this API and hand it over to your developers, the button at the bottom right will help you out. It will allow you to setup a new package and plan (or use an existing one) to allow developers to request keys to access this newly imported API and start using it!

Add package and plan